For 10 years, Sue worked and lived in an agate mining town in Northern China. This town boasts the largest agate in the world at more than 60 tons. The town produces agates of various kinds and colours, especially red agate, green moss agate and water agate. The small agate town has a big agate carving industry and beautiful jewellery is made there. Locally crafted agate beads and pendants are very popular. 

Sue enjoys knotting these beautiful beads together with cords into her marvellous creations. Most of the items listed in the shop are Sue’s unique knotwork. “Knot” has cultural symbolic meanings in China: it is a token of love and connection as well as togetherness and unity. Sue is personally attached to “knotting” as it is a reminder of her late mum who taught her how to make knots. Sue knots her best wishes together with CHOICE beads to make attractive pieces. Sue is always amazed at the gorgeous patterns of gemstones and natural crystals. To make them into jewellery brings her great joy. 

Sue enjoys knotting her best wishes together with CHOICE beads to make beautiful pieces. The jewellery she creates is intended to bring some spiritual support to the wearer as well as building up connections between people and nature.

The Largest Agate (more than 60 tons)
The Largest Agate (more than 60 tons)